Ballafricana 1 is a comprehensive directory for all African products and services offered by African companies. It is regarded as an essential digest for finding and reading about Nigeria (Africa). Over 2000 visitors weekly access our digest to find new insights on all that’s trending in Africa.

The core benefit of advertising on is that your brand will get exposed to a well-defined market niche of expatriates, youths, diaspora, SME’s and a wide range of audience that are predisposed to take action. It’s a trusted place where people get information about anything African. presently has on average 10,000 monthly users with more than 15,000 page views and an average bounce rate less than 60% as at June 2016 spending on average over 5 minutes browsing the blog and the entire site. Our email newsletter is received by over 9,000 key business decision makers subscribed to our newsletter, with an open rate of approximately over 40%.

All adverts appear on both mobile and PC devices and all adverts are socially integrated for viral marketing of your adverts. Visitors would be able to share your adverts on their social media with their network.

At Bellafricana, we take your advert very seriously and work towards achieving the best visibility and results.

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    Email newsletter advert
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    Your advert goes to over 9000 email subscribers thrice a week.

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    This banner will appear on the right side of the home page and all pages on the site. 250 x 250px

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    Above and below page content
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    This banner will appear on all pages and will be a leaderboard banner which can be above the website content or below the website content

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