Afro Juju by Sir Shina Peters

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If you have never heard of Sir Shina Peters, then you are definitely not Nigerian. Let me tell you a little something about him.

Oluwashina Akanbi Peters, popularly known as ‘Sir Shina Peters’ is a Nigeria Afro-juju musician. He was born in Ogun State on the 30th of May, 1958. He started his career in collaboration with General Prince Adekunle, playing the guitar, then formed his group with Segun Adewale. Sir Shina Peters later went on to form his own band called “Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars” through the 1980s after releasing various albums with Segun Adewale. Sir Shina Peters is a well-recognised symbol of music evolution in Nigeria. Popularizing one of Africa’s most important genres, he is seen as a force for great musical movements.

In 1989, their first album release called “Ace” – Afro juju series 1. The album in 1989 went double platinum. Sir Shina Peters has sold millions of albums worldwide & has taken his music to the shores of South Africa, Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and United States. Sir Shina Peters is currently signed to Orbit Entertainment, his USA agency based in New York.

His second album was released in 1990 titled, “Shinamania (Afro-juju series 2)”. The music was played in most parties and almost all homes across the country and Shina Peters was awarded “Juju musician of the year”.

Shina Peters is married and has children, he is also the elder brother to Yomi Peters a Nigerian musician based in the United States.
S/NAlbum title Year of release
1 Way to Freedom  1980 
2 Freedom (Senwele)  1981 
3 Money Power  1982
4 Ko Temi Fun Mi 1984 
5 Ace (Afro-juju series 1) 1989 
6 Shinamania  1990 
7 Dancing Time  1991 
8 Experience  1992 
9 Mr. President  1993
10 My Child  1994 
11 Kilode  1995 
12 Love  1996 
13 Reunion  1997 
14 Playmate  2000 
15 Happy Hour   2004
16 Pay Back Time  2005 
17 Splendor  2006