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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Tosin Ashaye, Guest Blogger

Tosin Ashaye

Guest Blogger

Tatase Lagos is a brand that seeks to put made and curated in Nigeria on the map by designing and creating wearable rare art pieces and also by curating art and craft pieces paying apt attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. Tatase Lagos is a keen traveller and explorer with vested interests in culture, fashion, art, architecture, food and music who after exploring parts of the world and taking a course in curating at the University of Arts London noticed a need to encourage the local industry by promoting creativity. Tatase Lagos is also a partner at Ivada Survey, Nigeria’s first paid online survey. Ivada survey is a platform that promotes the quality of made in Nigeria products through paid surveys, product testings and feedback from consumers.


Nike Ogunshakin, Content Manager

Nike Ogunshakin

Content Manager

Hi there, my name is Nike Ogunshakin. I am a passionate Nigerian, a botanist turned creative writer who is always looking for the best part of Nigeria to show to the world.

Join me on my journey learning more beautiful things about Africa as I join one of Africa’s best Afrocentric promoting initiatives, Bellafricana.


Muna and Luchi, Guest Blogger

Muna and Luchi

Guest Blogger

I am the Hair Care Coach and the founder of Muna & Luchi Care Services. Together, myself and my daughter Muna,  form a wonderful mother-daughter team that inspires and encourages you to nurture and care for your natural tresses.

We are both dedicated to letting you know that healthy, long hair is NOT SOLELY the result of genes and race. But that with the right hare care routine, your natural hair can grow full, long and as healthy as you want it to be.

Follow us on Instagram @muna_luchi for hair care tips and updates.


Miabo Enyadike, Guest Blogger

Miabo Enyadike

Guest Blogger

I am a passionate artist whose Art is created around  real life events woven in storytelling and nature, the way I see it from within in its pure form.

Art Miabo is art that brings objects and creativity together. Expressing the need to inform and create awareness.


Layo Bright, Guest Blogger

Layo Bright

Guest Blogger

Layo Bright is a young female artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Art is her passion and calling. From a young age, she has loved Visual Arts as it has always been a crucial means of expression for her. She works mainly with oil paint to create vibrant works of art, which addresses human vantage points and nature.


Itoro Okon, Guest Blogger

Itoro Okon

Guest Blogger

I am a jewelry lover with a brand called ‘Jewelry by Itoro Okon’.

I create unique statement jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. All my pieces embody style, elegance and the passion for the art of jewelry making.


Ibironke Oduniyi, Guest Blogger

Ibironke Oduniyi

Guest Blogger

My love for fine jewelry has brought me this far as a Jeweler in Nigeria. I train and make beautiful and unique pieces that fit the Nigerian lifestyle. I can make you that fine jewelry that speaks for you.


Gbemisola aka Ms Ssygala, Community Manager at Bellafricana

Gbemisola aka Ms Ssygala

Community Manager at Bellafricana

My hobbies are reading, researching, writing, creating plots in my head, developing content and meeting people. I enjoy Art and Craft and I create and sell collages. I have a passion for quirky African items and I like to write on lifestyle, culture, relationships and parenting. I enjoy learning from people, I’m dedicated to deadlines and I believe life is an experience so there is always something to write about.

Esione Rachel Asakome, Guest Blogger

Esione Rachel Asakome

Guest Blogger

I am a Nigerian and CEO of Beautifully Nappy. My health journey began when I was about 19 years old, my natural hair journey followed shortly. My growing obsession with all things healthy and natural lead to friends and family encouraging me to start a blog.


Dr. Somi Igbene, Guest Blogger

Dr. Somi Igbene

Guest Blogger

Hello there, I am Dr. Somi Igbene (PhD), the founder of Midas Naturals and a PhD research scientist. At Midas Naturals, we produce scientifically tested hair and skincare products with the highest attention to the health benefits.

When you use Midas Naturals  products, you’re in safe hands and you’re guaranteed of the very best quality. On Bellafricana, I will be sharing some useful health tips as related to our hair, skin and the food we eat.

I hope you find topics that will be useful to you as we go on. Always feel free to leave your questions in the comment box of each post and I will respond to them duly.


Chinwe Juliet (Igbocurls), Guest Blogger

Chinwe Juliet (Igbocurls)

Guest Blogger

Chinwe Juliet also known as Igbocurls is a natural hair inspiration to many women.

She aims at simplifying natural hair-care for others who don’t know how to go about it.

Igbocurls gives tips, updates, tutorials, regimens and more on everything natural hair.

Have you got natural hair troubles or just simply want to be on top of your hair game?

Watch out for posts from Igbocurls.



Bukola Oyebode

The Sole Adventurer

I love art and love to travel. A combination of these special interests led to creating The Sole Adventurer art report site in 2014.

With The Sole Adventurer (TSA), I promote the best of African and contemporary Art in Lagos and beyond to make art accessible to the digital generation.

As a writer, I have published features in the art sections of local and international magazines covering the works of distinguished artists, varied exhibitions and top art events in Europe and on the African continent. I am also the co- founder of Art Forum Africa, a discourse platform for artists and cultural professionals.

bellafricana bukola oyebode the sole adventurer

Bukky Asehinde, Founder

Bukky Asehinde


Bukky Asehinde is an all things African lover, an Afrocentric marketer as well as an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Bellafricana. Bellafricana is an online platform that connects unique creative brands to their local and global consumers . A great platform where local content, artisans and talents are promoted. Click below to read more about me.