Pictures from the Launch of Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi

The rise of creative and innovative brands in Nigeria (Africa) is so exciting. Here’s another amazing brand Ethnik Tunde Owolabi that was launched on the 29th of May, 2016 at Araba’s Cafe, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The founder of Bellafricana, Bukky Asehinde was there to support Tunde and other socialites in Lagos, bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, stylists, fashion editors and much more.

Ethnik presents a fresh line for the fashion forward individual who is interested in creative ways of blending cultural fabrics specifically Aso-oke with contemporary designs. This line of fashion, was founded by Tunde who is also the creative director of Ethnik. He is a man of many talents; he’s an artist, photographer and designer. In line with all of these, Tunde also found his own studio and named it the Tunde Owolabi Studios. 

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Bridal Jewellery by BAIYÉ Jewellery – The Aya Collection

Bridal Jewellery by Baiye Jewellery called “The Aya capsule collection” coming soon… The collection is launching on the 1st of May 2016. Aya means Bride/wife (In Yoruba, Nigerian Language). The collection embodies the simple idea of the white dress, it highlights the need to focus on the Bride, framing her face by adorning her ears with silver, crystals and pearls. 

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To be a Nigerian Jeweler or not to be a Jeweler: (Concluding part) by Ibironke Oduniyi

To be a Nigerian Jeweler or not to be a Jeweler continued.. If you missed part 1 and 2 check links below. Being picked by YOUWIN (a Nigerian Governmental grant scheme) helped strengthen my zeal to carry on, It gave me hope that things were going to get better and I was on the right track, by this time my entrepreneurship skills had developed thanks to the boot camps organised by YOUWIN officials, I learnt a lot I needed to know about running a business properly and effectively. 

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As part of her quest to bridge the gap between artisans, manufacturers of Afrocentric products and their consumers, Bellafricana, a company that promotes the beauty of Africa relaunches an online platform showcasing unique businesses of products and services made in Nigeria (Africa). The online platform is now ( launched to showcase, promote and celebrate local creative artisans and small business owners of Afrocentric brands in Africa. Starting with Nigeria her home-land, the plan is to take it one African Country at a time. 

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To be a Jeweler in Nigeria or not to be a Jeweler : Part 2 (Evolution) by Ibironke Oduniyi

The journey to becoming a Jeweler in Nigeria continued. Going to Central Saints Martins College of Arts still remains top Ten one of the best things that has ever happened to me because my real journey into goldsmithing started from there. I got introduced to different techniques that I was clueless about and this was a different ball game entirely. 

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To Be A Jeweler in Nigeria or Not to Be A Jeweler : Part 1 by Ibironke Odunuyi

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I have always loved Jewelry and thoughts of been a Jeweler. Gold jewelry to be precise because growing up my mum loved adorning herself with a variety of them: simple styles when I was younger and bigger and complicated styles as I grew up. She even bought us (My sister and I) a couple of gold earrings and we had gold identity bracelets really cute ones but we always got it misplaced and will automatically switch to G.L. jewelry before we ran her bankrupt. I’ve always been curious about how these jewelry pieces were created but never pursued the curiosity. 

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The Woman Workshop By Zoe Chinaka

The Woman Workshop is reviving the woman’s hopes on ways to keep improving. They are a branch of Nigeria Info FM (No. 1 for talk, news and sports) a sister station of the foremost stations in Lagos, COOL FM, WAZOBIA FM. Bringing women from all works of life to one space to foster employability and expose ‘The woman’ to a better life. It’s a platform that sets a standard for business women and teaches the common woman these ideas and opportunities. Are you a woman, student, corper, un-employed or employed, perhaps a Small or medium business owner, you should come learn some crafts, trade secrets and SME business management skills. 

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Bellafricana an Online Platform for Afrocentric Products and Services

Bellafricana, an online platform for Afrocentric products, services. I have a dream! That one day, Afrocentric products and services will be globally accessible. I want to share with you how Bellafricana started, and the next phase for Bellafricana. We are presently upgrading our website for a better experience. I moved back in 2012 to Nigeria after few years out of the Country for studies…

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Ty Bello Transforms an Agege Bread Seller into a Beautiful Model

This story is so inspiring! The most amazing thing about this trending story is that I follow Ty Bello on Instagram and I watched in silence as it was unfolding. It all started during the shoot of the ‘Disturbing Lagos’ editorial for ThisDay Style featuring British-Nigerian entertainer and style icon Tinie Tempah. I had to share with you.. 

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Trend Setting Gele | Avant-Garde Gele Style

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The Avante grade gele created by Funmi Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers is the latest gele style everyone is rocking now. They are so beautiful and can be tied with different fabric. One could say they look like hair fascinator. I think am tired of this everyday gele styles and its time to wear something different from the common styles. Join me as I rock this style next Sunday to church.

Avant-Garde gele-digest.bellafricana

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