Meet The Founder Of Catyna Designs | Exclusive Interview

I am so excited to introduce this amazing woman to you. She uses Nigerian Adire Indigo fabrics for interior decorations. I met her at a competition for entrepreneurs in 2014. Do you know how cool it is to meet people who are of like minds as you? I bet you don’t! This woman makes me proud to be an entrepreneur. Miss Celestina Utoro (founder of Catyna designs ) is so passionate about her work and she understands the word ‘synergy’.

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Meet The Founder of Mint Organic Care | Exclusive Interview

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Creativity can be expressed in a lot of ways. Often times, I have come to realise there is always a story behind a brand which is what brought about Bellafricana exclusive interviews. These people inspire me and I hope they inspire you too. Janada Ladidi Kwaji identified a real need in the skin care industry in Nigeria and decided to find solutions whilst exploring her creativity. You need to read her story…

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Lilie Design From Gabon

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Lisianne design

Lisiane, the founder, draws her inspiration from her multicultural background; born in Gabon (Central Africa), and growing up in South of France, Lisiane now finds herself living in London, having moved to England in 2006.  These three countries have defined who she is today and, inspired by her background and experience of these very different cultures, Lilie Design was brought to life.  

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Elegant Home Decor With African Textile

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I love our African fabric, the feel, the vibrant colours and the meaningful patterns. The touch of African fabric in interiors brings this nostalgic feeling along with it. 

I can see you are planning to redesign your home already with all these interior decor you are seeing, aren’t they awesome? If you need cushion, bed sheets, table runners curtain and more just click here website

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