Meet Rwanda’s First Female Pilot | Esther Mbabazi

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Esther Mbabazi wheels her bag towards the airstairs of the Boeing 737 sitting quietly on the tarmac at Kigali International Airport. Today she’ll be flying from Rwanda’s capital city to Juba in South Sudan. A short hop south with a flying time of around 1 hour and 20 minutes. But for Mbabazi, 26, it isn’t about the destination. As Rwanda’s first female pilot, it’s about the journey and her highest priority is to get passengers safely to their terminus.

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Are You A Fashion Lover? | Get Ready for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015

Join thousands of consumers eager to shop from 100 brands on exhibition at this year’s 2-day event. Ranging from emerging designers to independent and established boutique labels, visitors will enjoy catwalk shows, mingle with celebrities and shop till they drop. With high octane glamour and music acts, it will be the ultimate day out at the height of the season. 

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Meet Folarin Falana “The Rapper” | Exclusive Interview

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For all those who know Folarin aka Falz the Bahd Guy, I’m sure you must agree with me at his level of humility and humor. I met Falz a couple of years ago through one his awesome sisters, Foladele Falana. Falz is the son of the popular respected lawyer Femi Falana. He is a Barrister with a strong passion for music and entertainment. He is an upcoming artist, who is very loved by today’s youths. I was so interested to hear his story, so I thought to share with you on the digest. 

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Meet The Founder Of Ty-Tys | Exclusive Interview

 The first time I was opportuned to meet Mr Bayo Ademiluyi (founder of Ty-tys) was at the Chevron (Afro-centric) bazaar. It was so random as one of the Bellafricana team had just posted an article about Ty-tys which caught my attention. Mr Ademiluyi is very jovial, down to earth and talented of course. I couldn’t help but interview him to hear the story of how Ty-tys came about. 

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Happy New Year 2015!!! Facing The Office After The Festive Holiday!

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Going back to work after the festive period can be tiring and exhausting. What are the chances that you’ll wake up early this week, open one eye and think: ‘Why on earth is my alarm going off in the middle of the night? Then reality strikes, Christmas is over. No more watching the holiday movies, no more free food and no more back to back parties.

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10 African Hair Braiding Styles

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Hair braiding has long been a tradition in the Black community as well as a bonding experience between mothers, sisters and cousins. Braiding takes time and it often hurts, but the end result is worth it. African braiding styles are very unique and creative. They can be styled in various ways, you can experiment with different colours without the commitment of dying your own hair. 

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Lagos Traffic: Stories of Insanity by Brian Botts

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I’ve enjoyed writing many posts about the things I like and love about Nigeria as well as providing insight on subjects based off of my experience. This post however is going to cover a subject I don’t like about Nigeria; The Famous Lagos Traffic. There have been so many things that have happened to me or that I have witnessed in my years of riding through Lagos. And the only word that comes to mind to really put it all in perspective is ‘Insanity’.

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Facts about Ghana

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The name Ghana was adopted from the ancient West African kingdom of Ghana which flourished between 750 and 1068AD and was located in what is now southern Mauritania and western Mali. It is believed that the Akan of modern day Ghana originally came from the area of this ancient empire. 

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