Back To School Checklist For All Age Groups

The holiday season is drawing to an end and it’s time to go back to school. Our children are taller and many of their writing materials, backpacks and more need a change.

In the mist of wrapping up the holidays and resettling to our everyday routine, several important item may be forgotten when shopping for our children’s going back to school.

In this post, we have created a practical checklist to help you remember the essential items every child, young adult or adult going back to school will require.

Say bye to the stress filled days after the holidays! We’ve even gone the extra mile to make checklist charts you can pin for later use here…

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The Rise Of A New Era In The Nigerian Textile Industry

I would like to thank one of my oldest friends Bukky for giving me this platform to write on my opinions. I remember when we first discussed it, it was just after I had returned from a ‘romantic’ travel, she wanted me to write an article on my Zanzibar experience which I did and after putting that in I suppose she really liked it and we talked about writing twice monthly for her site or so, now I knew deep down I had a lot on my plate and as such couldn’t be so committed to writing that often or according to a schedule.

I did tell her straight up I couldn’t write that often, still I considered it and actually tried, I discovered two things;

1) That I couldn’t just will myself to write, even when I tried to go off and be by myself to be in that mental space then I had a talk with her, even though I wasn’t detailed she assured me I was under no pressure, I could write as I felt and totally do me.

2) I didn’t realize when she said I could write about anything I could actually write about anything, I was having trouble coming to terms with the idea that as this was a site promoting Africa/made in Africa all my writing had to be in line with that.

So rein in tight and get ready to read about a broad spectrum of my interesting take and thoughts on happenings with Africa as a centre stage and beyond. 

Continue Reading… officially launches “Proudly Nigerian” drive, Nigeria’s largest online supermarket and grocery delivery service has officially launched a “Proudly Nigerian” drive. With the goal of encouraging the purchase of local products, has labeled all locally produced products with a “Proudly Nigerian” stamp, making it easier for customers to identify and decide if to spend their naira on local products. By patronizing local products, shoppers effectively support local farmers and companies, while also strengthening the purchasing power of the naira. 

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Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid on Natural Hair and Skin by Rachel Asakome

If you have plans to take good care of your natural hair and skin, here are some top 10 chemicals to avoid. I get so many emails from people asking me what chemicals are safe for their hair etc, well below is a list of a few chemicals that are a definite NEVER for black hair! Remember, whatever you use on your hair is absorbed into your body through your scalp. This is why I advocate the use of 100% natural or Organic products, it’s easier than trying to dodge chemicals. That being said, I still advice that you read the ingredients of every product before you purchase it, just because something says it’s natural or organic on the face doesn’t mean it’s safe! 

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Innoson, the Made in Nigeria Car Manufacturers

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company (IVM), a made in Nigeria car which was commisioned by the past President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at Nnewi. IVM is part of the Innoson Group of Companies founded by the visionary Chairman, Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON). The company carries out optimization design and assembly according to west african road condition so as produce suitable products at affordable prices. 

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Valentine Experience in Zanzibar, Tanzania by Tatase Lagos

As I embarked on my valentine experience travel to Zanzibar, one of the first few things that registered was the Kenya airways plane. A 6 hour international bound flight had no personal tv screens; there were about 7 general tv screens allocated to about 20 seats each. I said to my boyfriend sat beside me ‘watch, the plane from Nairobi to Zanzibar would be nicer with individual tv screens’ needless to say it happened exactly as I predicted. 

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Some Major Lagos Markets, Nigeria

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Naturally, people have different reasons for going to different markets in Lagos. In Lagos, there are many big markets where people can buy their goods at relatively good prices as well as get quality items. It’s not just about shopping, it’s more than just buying or selling when you visit a market in Nigeria. It is about the people, the bargain, the reactions. Sometimes, it’s just so fun to go to the market, I mean big markets. If you have never experienced adventure in Lagos markets before, then you need to visit one of these markets. Nothing beats the spirit of NIGERIANS!

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Bellafricana an Online Platform for Afrocentric Products and Services

Bellafricana, an online platform for Afrocentric products, services. I have a dream! That one day, Afrocentric products and services will be globally accessible. I want to share with you how Bellafricana started, and the next phase for Bellafricana. We are presently upgrading our website for a better experience. I moved back in 2012 to Nigeria after few years out of the Country for studies…

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For Nigeria to Thrive, It Is Time to Get Selfish by Babatunde Olaoluwa Jeje

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For Nigeria to thrive, we need to become selfish and be the ones who tell our own stories and take charge of our narrative. We can no longer be generous in letting others brand us as they wish. We have several vehicles for telling our own stories, including entertainment just as Hollywood and the American music industry have told their own stories and influenced the world for many years. We can influence the world through Nollywood and our music positively too.

We need to become very selfish and send out envoys who understand how to present Nigeria as a force for the greater good, rather than generously embarrassing us and providing more negative stories for the world press and their advertisers. 

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Ty Bello Transforms an Agege Bread Seller into a Beautiful Model

This story is so inspiring! The most amazing thing about this trending story is that I follow Ty Bello on Instagram and I watched in silence as it was unfolding. It all started during the shoot of the ‘Disturbing Lagos’ editorial for ThisDay Style featuring British-Nigerian entertainer and style icon Tinie Tempah. I had to share with you.. 

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You will love this AfroEmoji App’s ‘African-Themed’ Stickers

I randomly stumbled on this article via facebook from of these creative AfroEmoji App’s ‘African Themed’ Stickers and thought to share. Afro Emoji is free to download on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. It includes 50 complimentary character stickers with an option to purchase 300 additional stickers for $1.99. 

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Interesting Facts About Tunisia

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Tunisia officially known as the Tunisian Republic is located in North Africa, situated along the Mediterranean coast, to the southwest of Sicily and south of Sardinia. Tunisia is the smallest country in Northwestern Africa, bordered by Libya to the east and Algeria to the west. Tunisia was part of the Carthage Empire, followed by the Roman Empire before the Arabs invaded in the 7th century.  In fact more than a quarter of the total Tunisian population live in Tunis. Tunisia is a North Africa tourist friendly country that has been attracting tourist since the sixties.

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