Shea Butter Will Cheer You Up

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Did you know Shea Butter is one of the world’s increasingly sought after ingredient for cosmetic products? And to think this goldmine is gotten from our beautiful Africa.

Oh yes it is! Shea butter is gotten majorly from the Western part of Africa. It has endless benefits for hair and skincare amongst other things.

What makes this natural substance so special and how will it cheer you up? Come along let’s find out…

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Libyan Food Recipe: Asida (The Arabic Boiled Flour Pudding)

Hello beautiful people, let’s take our taste buds on a food trip to Libya today. Who else loves trying new recipes? The recipe we would be looking at is called Asida.

Asida is a traditional dish in Libya popularly served during certain celebrations such as Eid (a celebration that makes the end of Ramadan), births etc. It is also referred to as the Arabic boiled flour pudding

It is a boiled flour pudding cooked directly in water. The flour is made of wheat or whole-meal flour dough cooked in water. Let’s see the procedure of preparing this here… 

Continue Reading… officially launches “Proudly Nigerian” drive, Nigeria’s largest online supermarket and grocery delivery service has officially launched a “Proudly Nigerian” drive. With the goal of encouraging the purchase of local products, has labeled all locally produced products with a “Proudly Nigerian” stamp, making it easier for customers to identify and decide if to spend their naira on local products. By patronizing local products, shoppers effectively support local farmers and companies, while also strengthening the purchasing power of the naira. 

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5 Nuts With Great Health Benefits

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Travelling could be stressful at times. Therefore, you have to be healthy and fit always. Generally, when travelling our health status must be excellent hence eating junk food is not advisable. However,, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal can categorically recommend nuts for everyone including travellers and tourists. Nuts are affordable and can be bought on the roadside in Lagos or any other states in Nigeria. Why are nuts good for your body? 

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Nigerian Moi Moi And Pap Recipe

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Moi moi and Pap is a Nigerian staple food, commonly eaten on Saturdays in many Nigerian homes. Moi moi is a delicious recipe that is highly rich in protein and other essential nutrients while pap on the other is a rich source of carbohydrate. I love eating moi moi and pap on Saturdays because I consider it as a sleeping medicine (lol). It makes you sleep off all the stress that you had gone through during work days.

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