Interesting Facts About Algeria

Algeria is located in Northern Africa and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in north, Tunisia in northeast, Libya in east, Morocco in west, Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Mali in southwest, and Niger in the southeast. Algeria is the largest country in Africa continent by land area and almost four times the size of Texas.  

The Saharan region, which is 85% of the country, is almost completely uninhabited. The highest point is Mount Tahat in the Sahara, which rises 9,850 ft (3,000 m). Algeria means “The Islands” – referring to the four islands which lay off the city’s coast until becoming apart of the mainland in 1525.

Algeria has competed at every summer Olympics since 1964, winning five gold medals.

Capital: Algiers

ReligionSunni Muslim


CurrencyAlgerian Dinar

Life Expectancy70


Largest Cities: Algiers and Oran

Population: 38,813,722

Country Code: +213

Internet Country Code: .dz


Photo source: Wikipedia

The national dish: couscous

It has a population of around 35 million people

A quarter of the country’s population live on less than £1 a day

The highest temperature ever recorded is 60.5C

The National holiday, called Revolution Day, is on November 1

Algerian singer Cheb Mami sang with Sting on 1999 hit Desert Rose

Algeria has the biggest oat market in Africa

The Sahara Desert covers 80 per cent of the country.

Languages: Arabic (official), French, and Berber