Meet Opemipo Ogunyemi “The Shoe Crafter” | Exclusive Interview

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This young man right here is an entrepreneur with a great passion for shoe crafting. I met him at Creative focus, a competition for entrepreneurs I was fortunate to attend in year 2014. You’ll be surprised the number of talents we have in Africa, but not to worry the Bellafricana team will bring them to you one at a time. Lets meet him; 

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Meet Itoro Okon “The Jeweler” | Exclusive Interview

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This year 2015, Bellafricana digest will be bringing some exclusive interviews your way. Today, I was opportuned to interview this young, artistic and talented young lady called Itoro Okon. Itoro is a Geologist turned jewelry designer. She has a great personality, very smart and straight to the point. One of the Nigerian born talents doing great things in the economy. 

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Artisans Exhibiting At The Chevron Bazaar

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Bellafricana was amongst a few artisans that were at the Chevron bazaar held in Lagos, Nigeria on the 13th of November, 2014. My team and I were there to represent Bellafricana including various other creatives present to exhibit from arts, crafts, sculpture, textile, gift items, paintings, beads, baskets and many more. Great talents in Africa I tell you. 

I had to save some beautiful pictures to share with you. I absolutely love them all and I’m sure you will too.

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