African Platter Map: Baasto Pasta With Meat Sauce (Somali)

Somalia also called Somali is a country located at the horn of the African continent, which has the 43rd largest land mass, blessed with loads of plateaus and highlands, and is abundant in countless mineral resources. Although going through certain economic issues, food is a common language that turns heads anywhere and makes the tummy stand at attention.

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Yuletide Bazaar: The Lagos Yard Sale Returns

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The Lagos Yard Sale (LYS) is back this December with the most amazing discount event in the city. It is called the Yuletide Bazaar and registration is ongoing.

The Yuletide Bazaar wil be holding on Sunday, 18th December 2016 at The Fountain School, Alhaji Animashaun Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. The bazaar opens from 12pm and will run till 7pm….

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Modest Market Place – Anniversary Edition

Modest Market Place, a growing market that caters to modest lifestyle enthusiasts took the retail event scene by surprise exactly a year ago. Unlike many other retail events, Modest Market Place (MMP) does more than create an avenue for business owners to showcase their products or services.

MMP is a community of like-minded individuals whose beliefs on the ethics of business has fostered a relationship beyond the retail events. The marketplace which is now popularly called by its acronym MMP, has promoted many micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) over the course of one year…

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Libyan Food Recipe: Asida (The Arabic Boiled Flour Pudding)

Hello beautiful people, let’s take our taste buds on a food trip to Libya today. Who else loves trying new recipes? The recipe we would be looking at is called Asida.

Asida is a traditional dish in Libya popularly served during certain celebrations such as Eid (a celebration that makes the end of Ramadan), births etc. It is also referred to as the Arabic boiled flour pudding

It is a boiled flour pudding cooked directly in water. The flour is made of wheat or whole-meal flour dough cooked in water. Let’s see the procedure of preparing this here… 

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Nigerian Moi Moi And Pap Recipe

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Moi moi and Pap is a Nigerian staple food, commonly eaten on Saturdays in many Nigerian homes. Moi moi is a delicious recipe that is highly rich in protein and other essential nutrients while pap on the other is a rich source of carbohydrate. I love eating moi moi and pap on Saturdays because I consider it as a sleeping medicine (lol). It makes you sleep off all the stress that you had gone through during work days.

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Ghanaian Staple Food: Kenkey With Fresh Fish

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Fishing is also a major part of the Ghana economy, as a result, many Ghanaian dishes are based on fish. Local plants based food as such as coconut, plantains and many more are also highly prized and used in the country’s cuisines. Chillies are also an important component of Ghanaian cuisine and provides significant vitamin C in the diet. Another feature of Ghanaian cookery is the use of boiled eggs as a garnish. 

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Nigeria: Home Away From Home by Brian Botts

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I’m an American and I love the United States of America. I’m proud of where I was born and raised. But this post isn’t going to be about that. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many places throughout the world. I have fond memories of so many people I’ve met and so many instances I’ve been a part of.

Nigeria isn’t just a place I’ve traveled to. This has become a home away from home to me. I lived there off and on for many years and it is a Country that I not only care about, but a place where I want to see it’s potential reached. And I have committed myself to being a part of that solution in the years to come.

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