Smart Health Tips To Living Your Best Life Yet

Health is wealth, and these health tips would keep you looking great and living your best life everyday.



Half of all women will break a bone because of a weakened skeleton caused by osteoporosis.

A vitamin D supplement helps promote calcium absorption and bone health.

Weight-bearing exercises such as working out three times a week with light weights can strengthen bones too.


Stress contributes to every disease, directly or indirectly. It shrinks the brain and increases the waistline.

So find a way to deal with it. The best option is to try meditation.

However even a few minutes of relaxed deep breathing several times a day can be a big help.

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African Platter Map: Shakshouka (A Tunisian Fusion)

Today on African Platter map, we head over to Tunisia for our next delicious dish called Shakshouka (Eggs in Tomato sauce). The name almost got me biting my tongue, I can only but imagine how tasty it would be. African platter takes you to countries around Africa showcasing different delicacies and recipes on how to make them.

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Meet The Founder Of Bounties Honey | Exclusive Interview

Successfully transitioning from the comfort of paid employment to become a full time entrepreneur and going to Business School are the two ventures that made Ogochukwu believe in herself. Ogochukwu Nwachukwu, also known as OG, runs a healthy life style business called Bounties Honey

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Social Investment as a Corporate Sustainability Tool by Feso Bright

‘Corporate Sustainability’ can be a difficult expression to use in these days of high risk, low margin business environment due to Oil price induced macroeconomic disturbances. According to the European Commission, Social investment is about investing in people. It means policies designed to strengthen people’s skills and capacities and support them to participate fully in employment and social life. Key policy areas include education, quality childcare, healthcare, training, job-search assistance and rehabilitation.

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LiveWell Initiative Invites You To Grand Health Bazaar 2015

LiveWell Initiative (LWI), a public health NGO, is a registered health-promotion focused organisation, which empowers the people through health literacy.  LWI has empowered nearly 2 million Nigerians and 3,000 Ghanaians directly and indirectly by proxy contact, inclusive of over 60 blind and disabled adults through health literacy. LWI is excited to announce their 5th Annual Cross-cutting Multi-sectoral International Healthcare Event, the Grand Health Bazaar (GHB2015), a corporate carnival for trade, commerce and mutual synergy and networking with healthcare as a value addition. 

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