To be a Nigerian Jeweler or not to be a Jeweler: (Concluding part) by Ibironke Oduniyi

To be a Nigerian Jeweler or not to be a Jeweler continued.. If you missed part 1 and 2 check links below. Being picked by YOUWIN (a Nigerian Governmental grant scheme) helped strengthen my zeal to carry on, It gave me hope that things were going to get better and I was on the right track, by this time my entrepreneurship skills had developed thanks to the boot camps organised by YOUWIN officials, I learnt a lot I needed to know about running a business properly and effectively. 

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To Be A Jeweler in Nigeria or Not to Be A Jeweler : Part 1 by Ibironke Odunuyi

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I have always loved Jewelry and thoughts of been a Jeweler. Gold jewelry to be precise because growing up my mum loved adorning herself with a variety of them: simple styles when I was younger and bigger and complicated styles as I grew up. She even bought us (My sister and I) a couple of gold earrings and we had gold identity bracelets really cute ones but we always got it misplaced and will automatically switch to G.L. jewelry before we ran her bankrupt. I’ve always been curious about how these jewelry pieces were created but never pursued the curiosity. 

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Meet The Founder of Elizabeth Cress | Exclusive Interview

Meet this creative young lady who is so passionate about Africa and all things African. We are always inspired by people who take up the courage to turn their passion to business. We know how challenging it can be to conceive an idea and actually make money from it. So we are always excited to hear the story behind a growing brand. Let’s meet her. 

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