Destination Tuesday | The Pearl Marrakech – Morocco

With honeymooners all looking for different things while on their vacation of a lifetime, some find they want a vacation filled with action while others just want to soak in the rays of sun and relax. For those who are looking for romantic getaway, MARRAKECH in Morocco is an ideal destination; with its hypnotic and magical atmosphere straight out of the Arabian Nights.

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White and Blue Resort Town of Asilah, Morocco

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Asilah is a popular seaside town just south of Tangier in Northern Morocco, with walls painted bright white and blue. Visitors in Asilah enjoy walking through the maize of streets in the old medina which has been meticulously restored. The ramparts built around the old town are in good shape, and perfect for sitting on to watch the sunset over the blue Atlantic ocean. The walls go straight down to the rocks and sea below, and offer great views of the fishing boats coming back after a day out at sea. A mile and a half south of Asilah lies Paradise beach, a wonderful wide stretch of sand, popular with local families and tourists from around the world.

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