Community and Networking Builds Business Stronger

The importance of community and networking in growing a strong business has been overlooked for quite some time now.

Community chiefly entails supporting and interacting positively with other individuals who share a vested interest.

While competition is healthy for business, it is also important to forge bonds that will last decades, even generations. If not, who are you doing business with then? 

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3 Steps to Build the Right Team by Patrick Hull

I understand the urge to pursue your passions and that many entrepreneurs have limited funds, but you can’t do it alone. Creating a startup and growing a business is a hell of a task and one that will require an entrepreneur to have many roles. No one person has a skill set for every role and trying to take on everything yourself will hurt your company, especially if you don’t build the right team around you. 

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Join The Bella Community

Based on a research and survey we carried out recently amongst creative entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, we have come to the conclusion that to sustain an online community of African made products and services, an offline community will strongly enhance the growth of the online vision. Bellafricana (a company that promotes African made products and services) hereby presents “The Bella Community”. 

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