6 Benefits of Shea Butter as Diaper Cream

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I am a new convert to the “Shea butter as diaper cream department” and this is not because I downplay the effects of shea butter on the skin. I’m just one of those that will think of Mr Biggs before remembering Chicken Republic.

I’m a brand loyalist especially when it comes to my kids. I mean why would I want to change a product that I have used religiously for the past 7 years and has caused me no grief or complaint?

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Meet Stephanie Unaeze, Founder of Tiennette1907 | Exclusive Interview

I came across Stephanie’s Illustrations on Instagram and she caught my attention. I almost felt like a proud sister, and immediately reposted her creative art. I became interested to get to know her more and to hear her story. She is a computer scientist turned painter and Illustrator. Let’s meet her.

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To be a Jeweler in Nigeria or not to be a Jeweler : Part 2 (Evolution) by Ibironke Oduniyi

The journey to becoming a Jeweler in Nigeria continued. Going to Central Saints Martins College of Arts still remains top Ten one of the best things that has ever happened to me because my real journey into goldsmithing started from there. I got introduced to different techniques that I was clueless about and this was a different ball game entirely. 

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Valentine Experience in Zanzibar, Tanzania by Tatase Lagos

As I embarked on my valentine experience travel to Zanzibar, one of the first few things that registered was the Kenya airways plane. A 6 hour international bound flight had no personal tv screens; there were about 7 general tv screens allocated to about 20 seats each. I said to my boyfriend sat beside me ‘watch, the plane from Nairobi to Zanzibar would be nicer with individual tv screens’ needless to say it happened exactly as I predicted. 

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Meet 4 Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs by Foladele Falana

Welcome to Lagos, the city of hustle, of opportunities, of chaos, Nigeria’s heart of commerce where if you are not street wise you could get left behind. The average salary is not enough to start and raise a family, thus having more than 1 job is inevitable and is becoming an even stronger trend here in this city. No unemployment benefits so everyone understands that if you do not work, you do not eat. Here it is most parents dream for their kids to study what they deem as the more prestigious courses. But with the ever changing state of the economy people are relying less on salaries and more on entrepreneurial income. Meet 4 of such entrepreneurs who have taken the bold step of starting a business in the city of Lagos. 

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