Destination Tuesday | 5 Best Safari Destination in Africa

Africa has a wealth of safari and wildlife holiday opportunities for those seeking to experience nature and wildlife at its peak. Whether you go deep bush in Etosha National Park or follow the big cats in the Maasai Mara, a trip into the wilderness will touch your hearts and souls. These top destinations are redefining the African safari, start planning your safari holiday now. 

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Destination Tuesday | Honeymoon in South Africa

For couple looking for solitude after their big day, South Africa honeymoon is the best place to stay in Africa. South Africa has a number of exotic locations where you can spend your honeymoon. From fine dining splendour to a camp-inspired suite with spectacular safari views to forest hideaways and grand hotel lobbies and pools, you’re guaranteed a luxurious stay for each day no matter which place you choose.

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Shwe Shwe: South African Textile

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The formal name for shwe shwe is ‘Indigo-dyed discharge printed fabric’. It is said that the indigo cloth arrived in Africa more than 2000 years ago, used as trade goods by the Arabs and Indians. But it really kicked off in South Africa when German settlers introduced it to the Xhosa people in the mid-1800s. The Xhosa women took a look at these wondrous bolts of cloth, fell in love with the shwe shwe fabric and made it their own.

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